Wednesday, June 22, 2011

People Helping People!!!

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I love Network Marketing! I have always loved Network Marketing from the moment I truly understood it. For near 40 years, I have seen it work magic in people's lives, financially, physically, emotionally and with building self esteem and confidence. It's an incredible people-helping-people business where assisting your team to succeed is your ultimate goal. It's a win-win for everyone involved when it is done correctly. It's not a self-centered business that says, "what can you do for me?" It's a business where you ask, "what can I do for you to see you succeed with this business?" That's why we call what we do to build our team - sponsoring. 

Webster defines a sponsor as "one who assumes responsibility for another person or a group during a period of instruction, apprenticeship and support." I love that definition because there is a window of time in the very beginning stages with a newly sponsored Associate, that you must guide them to success. In fact, it starts with the way you present the opportunity to your Prospect. Using the tools and the 4-step system shows them how simple this business is, that they can do it. You 1) Share your One Minute Message, 2) Show the 90-second commercial, 3) Have them listen to the 2 minute recorded Hotline (949) 266-5837, 4) Take them to the website to listen and read the testimonials and product information, 5) Take them to a meeting, and 6) Have them listen with you on a weekly call, making sure to ask them every step of the way to get involved with you and your team.

This is just the beginning with being a sponsor. Don't just hope they go to your replicating website and sign up. Take them there and get them involved. Enroll them yourself. Go over the benefits of the Professional Pak. Tell them that after just selling their first fifteen bottles of V3, they will get their investment back, and still have tons of product to sample and sell with! Then pull out that Tracker sheet and have them list the first fifteen people that you will call together to get the biz ball rolling. This is called a 3-way call, or what I refer to as Field Training. After they are enrolled (within 48 hours), meet together and go over that 48-Hour Sponsoring Checklist. This is their business planning session. Following this simple checklist will assure that your new Associate understands the basics of getting started with their business. 

David Burgess
I have put together to assist you with being a good sponsor with Voyager. I have found that those who truly support and help their people succeed see huge success with their team building, and this feeling of success comes in many ways that are way beyond the making of the big bonus checks. The rewards are like raising kids. A good parent absolutely loves seeing their children succeed, more than seeing themselves succeed. It gives them joy. It makes their heart sing. This same feeling comes when your team members succeed in the business.

The only way I can describe it, as a mother of six, grand mother of fifteen, is to compare it to the pride you feel when you see your daughter and grand daughter singing, or your sons slam dunking a ball with a college and pro team. The tears that well up in your eyes are tears of good pride and pure joy. There's nothing better. And that's what this business is all about - people helping people. If you take this core principle to heart with building your business, you will grow beyond your wildest dreams, in ways you never thought possible. Empower your people. Love them. Create a team. Create team spirit. Recognize them. Motivate them. Encourage them. Gather and guide them every step of the way. Work with those who work. And be their sponsor, in every way possible. People helping people is making a difference at a time when this concept is desperately needed. Welcome to the team!

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