Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bullet Proof!

Are you Bullet Proof?  Why should you be bullet proof? What does it take to become bullet proof?

Whenever the economy struggles, people everywhere are looking for another way to make money, an additional income stream. Garage sales, rummage sales, yard sales are everywhere. Check around on Saturdays. They are on every corner!  (Good places to set up a card table and the V3 sampling station?)  People are literally cutting back, selling off things of value to them to make ends meet. They are looking for Voyager and V3. They just might not know it. That's where you come in. You have what they need. So you must become bullet proof!

With a struggling economy, Network Marketing companies are again on the increase. They will try to pitch you while you are attempting to pitch them. But you have the upper hand here. Understand that. Get bullet proof. How? First, stay plugged in with, the weekly Biz Briefing calls, Saturday 7am Success Strategy calls, and take full advantage of those awesome 6 minute nightly Blitz calls. Secondly, fall in love with V3. Let it brighten your mood, energize you and slam your appetite. Get fit. Use V3 as the ultimate weapon (bullet proof) for weight loss. Your story is your strength!

Thirdly, know the core basics. A program to succeed (where you make the big bucks), you must have a hot, simple, sizzle high-demand product. We have it with V3! You must have a simple way to explain the product. You have the 90-second commercial and the hot little sample that they will feel within 20 minutes! (Swallow, Sponsor!) You must have a system for them to plug right into. Yea! We have the 4-step system...1)Hotline, 2)Website, 3)3-way call, 4)Event. Specifics: (949) 266-5837 hotlines,, nightly calls, recorded calls, upline constant support. You have got it all! SIZZLE - SIMPLE - SAMPLE - SYSTEM. That's SIZZLE - SIMPLE - SAMPLE - SYSTEM!!!  

No one has what we have. Everything out there is way to complicated, takes too long to ever feel it working, and a bit boring. And the "jungle juice" thing is so fatigued. Ok...I'm calming down now. I'm just so excited for all of you! Our team is already making great money - after only 144 days! Just imagine what you are going to make if you'll just open your mouth, sample people, sponsor them into the biz? Guys...get BULLET PROOF and then there's no one you can't talk to about V3!!! PS - Even our logo looks a bit like that Superman thing ...coincidence???

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