Monday, June 20, 2011


The first question I always ask when getting involved with a new Network Marketing company is, "what do I need to do to make the most money?" Then I simply plan my work and work the plan to reach the top levels of income. I don't complain about the plan, I just work the plan. I don't try to figure out all the details of the plan. I just do what I gotta do to maximize money making. And guess what? I always reach the top level and make the most money. Not because I'm "magic," I just plan the work, then work the plan.

With Voyager, you need to sponsor four people right out the gate to make Director. Sponsoring those four simply qualifies you for the Director position. OK...check, done. Now that you are a qualified Director, move to the next step and do what you have to do to qualify for Executive. For Executive you simply sponsor six and help them each get four. Sponsoring six and helping four solidifies your Executive position and maximizes your money with that position. If you have worked the original plan, your Executive money is weak. So, sponsor six and help them get four. Ok...check, done. Now that you are Executive - go to work. Your Executive position is only the first step with leadership. So...let the fun begin with sponsoring and building your business!

Every worthwhile project you take on in this life, you'll find that you have to plan your work, and then work your plan. Chunk your plan down, then work at the chunks. If you want to graduate from college, you determine your major, then get your g.e. out of the way so that you can start working on your major. Once you've received that degree, you then need to get a job in your field, and continue to plan your work, then work your plan. 

With this business you can make excuses, or you can make money. You can whine or win. It's the bottom-line with anything. That's why so few people reach the top. They usually don't have a plan, or a goal. First, what are your goals? What is your plan? Chunk those down. Figure out what you need to do today to achieve your goals tomorrow? Plan your work, then work your plan. Do what is necessary to qualify for Director, then Executive, then Regional and National. Write those goals down. Read your goals every morning. Tape pictures of the things you want up on your refrigerator and bathroom mirror. Visualize yourself achieving the things pictured. Write your lists of people to contact, and constantly add to this list. Sponsor new people weekly and set the pace for your team. Plan your work, then work your plan.

Start contacting the people on your list, using your sponsor and the 4-step system. Use the tools. Using the system and the tools streamlines planning the work and working the plan. It simplifies the process. Intro: Deliver your One Minute Message then show them the 90-second commercial then go right into the 4-step system ... 1) Hotline, 2) Website, 3) 3-Way Call, 4) Event. Simple system that works.

My kids always say about workout or work ... "I gotta do what I gotta do." They've got it right. Do whatever it takes to succeed with Voyager. You have an incredible product that is simple, effective and in high demand. Share it. You have a pay plan that is paying huge money - after only 144 days in business!  Grab your share of that mammoth market with an all-natural diet pill V3, and run fast, run focused and run hard. Do what ya gotta do. Plan the work, then work the plan. Don't get distracted or discouraged. Stay plugged in to win! Then do the basics of business building with V3. What is that? Your mantra... "sample two a day, everyday...two a day, everyday." It's very simple. It's very fun. Everyone wants what you have. Keep it simple. Keep it fun and just plan the work and work the plan!

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