Saturday, June 4, 2011


I have no idea when Ken and I started saying the phrase, "when in doubt - diet," when talking to people about getting involved with a Network Marketing business, but we have seen first-hand how much fun working with a simple hot diet product is, and how easy it is to build a thriving business with a simple diet pill. And with duplication being the key to success with Network Marketing, the simpler the product and message, the better for business building. My philosophy, "if a homemaker can sell the product from the back of her minivan while watching her kids play soccer, you have a winner!" holds strong and true when you have a simple diet pill to sample, sell and sponsor with. It just doesn't get any easier!

What this country doesn't need right now, with obesity going from 16% in 2009 to 37% in 2010, is another diet program, plan or book. There are literally thousands to choose from. What this country does need, however, is an effective, affordable simple TOOL to help them stick with any diet plan and program they choose to be on. We all know the drill with dieting. We all start out Monday morning with good intentions, but by Wednesday or Thursday we feel we have blown it, and then we have to start all over again Monday morning, after beating ourselves up and cleaning out our refrigerators, before attempting it again. Sound familiar? That's why everyone desperately wants and needs V3. 

What a lucky day it was when my husband, Ken brought home a little magic pill called V3 and said, "try this." Within 20 minutes I felt it. I felt happy. This was a first. I had been grumpy and a little depressed, to be honest. "What's in this?" I said. Then at 7pm that night I was surprised and said to Ken, "I literally have no desire to eat!" (Another first for me!) That's when we both knew that what we had found with V3 was mammoth. We knew that people would love this product, and as soon as they had the chance to try it, would love it too.

We all need HELP! We need what V3 brings together in one little pill. Natural components of vitamins, minerals, kelp, dark cocoa powder, oil of geranium, etc., that brighten the mood, boost the energy, and completely SLAMS the appetite! And with the obesity statistics showing that we are all out of control (going from 16% obese in 2009 to 37% obese in 2010), V3 has come to us at just the right time. We just have to let people know it is available. It is incredible! You take it. You feel it. You love it. With V3, you have a chance to really make a difference on the planet with regards to health, and make some serious money. With V3, everyone can do what all fitness expert want us to do. That is to eat less and move more. We have the secret weapon for weight control that should no longer be kept a secret.

So when asked what you are up to lately. Simply say, "I'm having fun, losing weight, making money!" Then show that cool 90-second commercial, listen to the recorded hotline (949) 266-5837, have them kick the tires at, try a FREE sample, then let them hop on to the nightly calls and hear the success stories. They will be blown away - and they will thank you everyday for sharing V3 with them. So guys, go for it! And remember with working a business from home - full time, part time, or some time - when in doubt, DIET!

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