Friday, June 3, 2011

Stay Fired-Up!!!

Have you ever noticed how fired-up a new person is when they first enroll in this business? They talk to literally everyone. They are unstoppable. They've lost a little weight, feel happy, energized and more focused. They are pumped, and nothing can stop them from succeeding at their new venture (project). It is awesome. You were that way too. The secret to you making big bucks with your Voyager biz is to stay that way. You must stay fired-up!

How do you stay fired-up? First, and foremost, keep personally enrolling new people! Their fresh, positive energy will rub off on you, change your paradigm from "whining to winning", and keep you pumped! Secondly, stay plugged in with what is going on with the nightly BLITZ calls Monday-Thursday, weekly Biz Briefing calls on Thursday night, Saturday Success Strategy training calls, consistent communication with your sponsor via email, text messaging, and 3-way calling. Thirdly, daily explore the team support site of This site is constantly updated with tweaks, tools and current calls. (I may start a Where's Waldo contest with figuring out what I added in my compulsive behavior moments late at night.) And thirdly, by doing the daily income generating activities that actually build and grow your business. These are the basics ... sample two a day, everyday (mantra), sponsor two a month, every month (minimum.) Rank advance and stay laser-focused on your goals, and know your "why!" 

We are 124 days old! And what shocks me, is that there are people on the team who have already quit. What's that about? Baffling. It's like going to college for 124 days and expecting a degree! That's why you've got to stay fired-up by doing the above mentioned things consistently. 124 days and the product is working, and the pay plan is paying. What else do you need? Nothing. Because you are independent, creative, bright individuals who love the product, understand the timing, have the desire to succeed, and have written your goals down. Right? If not...STOP right now and write down those goals, determine your "why", and then get to work!

If you ever question yourself. Listen to the trainings recorded and uploaded at If you need more ideas, join in Saturday morning with the Success Strategy calls. Need validation? Do a 3-way call with your sponsor. Need motivation? Listen to the testimonials on Thursday night. Need a path to follow? Follow the proven 4-Step System!

"Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas."  - Henry Ford

Love this quote. This country needs V3. This country needs Voyager. Give it to them. Don't be selfish by keeping it a secret, or hesitate because you don't know what to say. That's why I created the 4-Step System. Ask, "how are  you?" They answer and respond, "how are you?" You say - "I'm having fun, losing weight, making money!" They ask more questions. You answer with your One Minute Message, show the commercial, call the hotline and say "listen to this.." then sample them and take them through the 4-Step System..1)hotline, 2)website, 3)3-way call, 4)event. The event is anything you have at your fingertips, from a nightly BLITZ CALL (4:30pm PST), a Thursday night 18 Min Biz Briefing call (6pm PST), an area Biz Brunch, meeting, In-home, face-to-face appointment ... whatever. Just get eyeball-to-eyeball with them and show them the BIZ!

You are invaluable to us as we move forward. We're a baby company with a GIANT product and pay plan. And you are important to us - to the team - to the success of the company. Do what ya gotta do to stay fired-up. voyager is awesome! Ken and I have already made over six figures in just 124 days! And, quite honestly, we are not as sharp as you. So...get fired-up and talk to everyone who bascially fogs a mirror! Who knows? You may find yourself an Elaine Tomrell or Nancy Feinberg. They are out there looking to be "fired-up" too!!!

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