Thursday, June 16, 2011


Every professional Network Marketer on the planet that is honestly making the big money will tell you that you must do 3-way calls. We say it, teach it, and do it. But, quite honestly, our people don't duplicate this very important part of the process, and the 4-Step System very well. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of personally sponsored leaders I have, right now, actually doing the 3-way calls. Hmmm...not good. So, let's break it down into "digestible doses", as they say. A couple of years ago I had a great guy say this about 3-way calls (and he was faithfully doing them with me), "I do 3-way calls because I listened to the one with the biggest pile!" I asked, "what do you mean, biggest pile?" He said, "His pile of money was bigger than mine, so I did what he told me to do." Funny. So, since my "pile" may be bigger than yours ... listen and do.

New Associates must do 3-Way calls with their sponsor and the first few people to Launch their business. The sponsor calls your contacts with you. You listen, learn and duplicate. Once you've heard how they introduce the business to your Prospect, you duplicate it with those you sponsor. Easy enough, right? Ok ... do it.

Working the 4-Step System you have need of a Validation 3-Way call. You've delivered your One Minute Message, had them watch the 90-second commercial, had them kick the tires at, (and your replicating website) now you need a kind of "back up" to Validate your opportunity. This is where you call your sponsor and introduce each other. Your sponsor will brag on you and your new business, and will direct your Prospect to the next step, per your instruction of what is needed. Easy huh? Yes it is.

You enroll your new Associate, get their Professional Pak ordered, and go over the 48-Hour Checklist meeting with them. At this point you need to do a Welcome 3-Way call with your sponsor. Brag on your Prospect, edify your upline, and start building team spirit!

You need a Congratulations 3-Way call. Your Associate has rank advanced from Qualified Associate to Director. You call your sponsor and the two of you call your new Director and congratulate them. Easy - but very important.

A few of your team members who have tremendous potential aren't fully engaged in business building. You need help with motivating them into action. You 3-way your sponsor into them to do a simple kick-in-the-booty Motivation 3-Way call. Your sponsor comes from "inspiration" vs "desperation", so they will put a leadership spin on the call and help you get your team into action mode.

Let's review. Launch, Validation, Welcome, Congratulations, Motivation. All important to team building. People don't care until they know you care. You've heard that right? Well, with Network Marketing, it's important to help your people get started, validate them, welcome new and congratulate everything that is going on. Again, I learned the important 3-Way call from someone who had the biggest pile. Doing it gave me an even bigger pile - as they say. :-)

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