Saturday, August 6, 2011


"Do to Duplicate!" has always been my motto with Network Marketing. I have never taught what I haven't done. And I, over the near 40 year span of building a business from home in this wonderful industry, have tried many things to grow the business. Some things did not work, and I learned from those stumbles. But the principles and systems I teach my team DO work, and if followed, you WILL see success. I do to duplicate, and so should you. Don't re-invent the wheel.

Every speaker that has seen success with Network Marketing will tell you to keep things simple (KISS), say less to more people, write down your goals, determine your "why", start writing your Prospect 200 list using your Memory Jogger, stay plugged in to what's going on, be teachable, and follow the leaders who are seeing success. There are basics of business building that flat-out work. Over the years I have streamlined, simplified and created tools to short-cut your learning curve with this business so that you can talk to people more effectively, present the business better, follow-up with focus, and make money faster. That's why I created It's for our independent Associates to get up to speed quicker, see success faster, and duplicate with confidence. 

Eddie and Heidi Metcalf
This mornings SUCCESS STRATEGIES training call made my heart sing. Why? Because two of Voyagers fastest growing leaders were featured and they shared their biz building strategies with the listening team. They shared the importance of using the 4-step system, the tools, the support site, the Tuesday Biz Briefing calls, the two recorded Hotline messages, etc. It was music to my ears! (more operatic references :-) Because they are duplicating the system, teaching their team to duplicate the system, and not trying to re-invent the wheel, they are exploding their business and breaking Executives faster than any other team right now. It is exciting seeing them in action! The Metcalf's are busy, successful individuals who love the product, caught the magnitude of this business in Las Vegas after meeting the new corporate team, headed up by C.E.O. and president, David Cohen, and had a complete business paradigm shift which has them setting the pace for all of you to follow. 
Lafargue, Metcalf, Banks, Griffin, Bourgeois Team!
Ken and I feel blessed to have them on our team. (Note: they had three Executive teams at the Leadership Summit fly-in!) If you are serious about this business and making money, do as Eddie and Heidi Metcalf and team are doing, and follow the system outlined at and please ... don't re-invent the wheel. xo

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