Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Take the Products to the People!

Scott & Judy Roberts & MI Team with 152 Pounds Lost!
Holding home meetings is key to building a strong Network Marketing business for yourself. Gathering people together in a meeting does two things: re-sells the dream to the existing team, and sells the dream to new people. It's in these small intimate gatherings that dream building is done. People feel comfortable entering a home to learn about a business that they can actually work from home. Holding meetings in the home creates a warm and welcoming environment for friends and family to gather together and learn about the product and business opportunity. 

Sherry Holmen and Barry Deuschle
Many people will come to your home event as a favor to you, and will come more willingly if you ask them to bring an assigned item like chairs, ice, a snack, or bottled water, and of course a friend (if you remind them to do so.) The "do-me-a-favor" approach with inviting warm market contacts always works if you remind them a minimum of three times by phone, twice by email and once by text messaging. Somehow people conveniently forget, so your last reminder (being a text) should read something like this, "I can't wait to see you tonight at my Voyager SoirĂ©e!  Remember to bring the ice, and a couple of friends"

For decades, Network Marketing and Direct Selling companies have always seen big time success when the field leadership consistently holds weekly home meetings, PBR's and parties. These home meetings feed into the monthly area hotel meeting, where the opportunity is validated in a bigger way. And the more home meetings are taking place in a given area, the faster momentum will happen for that area. It's important to note, in reference to home meetings, that Mary Kay outsells most department store cosmetics. Tupperware outsells Rubbermaid that is found in every grocery and pharmacy store in the US! Why? Because of TRUST. Your friends and family trust you, and are more likely to take a look at what you are doing, and will want to try your product.

We are all educators in this wonderful world of Network Marketing. We educate people on products and programs that they didn't know existed. The person needing your diet isn't usually found in the health food store asking questions about a good diet product and program. But they will come to a home meeting, and after hearing the weight loss stories, will want to try your product for themselves, and possibility get involved with you in the business.  I've always said that this business is all about taking the products to the people. And the most effective way to do this is with the home meeting. It's a safe place to ask questions, talk to the other attendees and speakers, pick up a sample, a bottle, and hear about the possibilities of hope, health and wealth.

As your home meetings grow, and know that they may start small, you should document how many pounds have been lost in the room (see the above picture in Michigan). Have your guests sign in, get a name tag, and write down their pounds lost on V3. This is so easy to do, is fun, and it will amaze you how quickly those 5-10-15+ pounds add up!  Have fun, meet often (same time, same place) and take the products to the people. They are looking for V3!

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