Sunday, August 7, 2011


Billy Banks, Eddie Metcalf, Jeff Bourgeois & Butch Lafargue
When I start building my business, I like to sponsor from coast to coast great people. But, I've also been in this business near 40 years, have worked with lots of incredible individuals, and have a pretty good database to draw from as I begin the sponsoring process. However, I started right where you are, and I remember very clearly what I did in those start-up days to build my business. First, I always look for leaders who I know will step-up and make things happen in their individual areas with or without me living there. Second, I look for goal-oriented, self-motivated individuals who need me for those important ongoing 3-way calls, but they can pretty much make things happen on their own. I tell them from the get-go to immediately find a business buddy. 
Sherry Holmen and Marty Weeks

With mentoring and training them, I always encourage my personally sponsored people to buddy-up with someone in the area that has the same excitement and passion that they have for the business, then team-up and run fast together. Do everything together. Sizzle and strategize daily, and keep each other motivated and moving forward with building the business. I tell them to hold each other accountable for all daily income generating activity. Meet weekly and figure out creative ways to best grow your area and groups. Team-up with holding 2-on-1 appointments, in-home meetings, expo's and shows, and cold calling. 
Mathew Berlin, Mary Ann Thomas and Shelley Ball

Teaming-up makes independent business building a lot more exciting, easy and fun! You will empower each other, and create area momentum. When one is a little down, the other is up. Celebrate together. Recognize your teams together. Hold Biz Brunches together. Write your goals together. Make your Prospect 100 lists together. Organize your Biz Binders together. Compete with each other and challenge each other. Together you will keep each other on track with personal and group goals. 

This teaming up very important with growing your business long term. And this is the first thing you must do if you are serious about building your business. If you are working alone, you just won't see the success or the growth you want to achieve in this business. Buddy-up, team up, and build and think big. Plan, sample, sponsor, meet people face-to-face, party ... together. That's the key, guys. A basketball game was never won by an individual. It takes a team. So, get out there and find someone to run with, then team up and make big things happen!

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