Friday, August 12, 2011

Making a Difference

The last few posts I've written have been pin-pointing the personal attributes leaders tend to posses in this business. The last post highlighted Billy Banks of Texas. Every conversation I have with him is positive and moving forward. Earlier I highlighted Shelley Ball of West Virginia who is always excited. When highlighting Scott and Judy Roberts of Michigan, as well as Heidi and Eddie Metcalf of Florida, I focused in on them both being teachable and following the 4-step system, and duplicating with their team. An earlier post had me outlining Elaine Tomrell from Michigan taking initiative when Ken was there on his road trip, keeping him buried with meetings and luncheons - in the home or hotel - taking full advantage of every business building moment.

Success with Network Marketing is a culmination of excitement, positive attitude and action, initiative to make things happen in your area, being teachable and following the outlined 4-step system. In addition to these important things, Regional Director, Nancy Feinberg has what can not be taught in this business. And that is a love for people. Nancy cares about every person she hands a sample to, follow-ups with, and enrolls as an Associate. She takes SAMPLE - SELL - SPONSOR - SUPPORT to a whole other level. She loves what she is doing, and it shows. She loves the people she is working with, and it is felt. She loves to help others, and that's why she has developed so many Executives on her team, and has achieved the Regional Director position. She cares and that's why she is an awesome leader.

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.  ~Mark Twain
Karen Mora, Annie Arnes, Nancy Feinberg,
Cindy Bray, Elaine Tomrell, Vicky  Tye

I will be teaching you how to approach anyone with this business, giving you scripts that you can work from on tomorrow's Saturday Success Strategies live training call. These scripts will help you in opening doors with this business with everyone you contact. And with these scripts, you will add your own spin, personality and personal V3 success story. I will encourage you to ask lots of questions, listen and make your presentation, using the good ole' Feel, Felt, Found to pinpoint the needs of the individual you are contacting with your Voyager business. And this is all excellent information that you can immediately use to build your business. So now, let's take your business building to the next level and add the "Nancy Factor" and fall in love with what you are doing, love and listen to those you are talking to, and truly care about the people you sponsor. Team-up, meet often, go over the 48-hour Checklist with them, communicate, update and congratulate. Then, and only then, will you truly make a difference.

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