Monday, August 8, 2011


Shedrick Simms has lost 70 pounds on V3!
SAMPLE - SELL - SPONSOR - SUPPORT. It's really that easy when you have a hot, new diet pill to share. One that everyone wants and needs - yesterday. They just don't know about it. That's your job. To sample - sell - sponsor - support everyone you know, run into, meet and are referred to. "Who do you know who would love to try this happy skinny pill?"  
"Who do you know who could use a little extra money?"  

Network Marketing has never been simpler than it is right now with Voyager and the V3 diet pill. There's been an eight year void in the market place since the last hot diet pill that worked was available to you and me.
Eight year void where people have been getting fatter, feeling more out of control, and falling into depression. Obesity is on the rise. Depression is rampant. People are tired and fatigued. And, with all of the diets out there you'd think we'd be getting thinner, right? Nope. We are getting fatter, feeling more deprived and starving (and very grumpy) every time we attempt to try yet another diet!

V3 to the rescue! V3 is hope in a bottle. Hope with feeling happier, more focused, energized, in control of your eating, snacking, portion sizes, and you'll flat-out lose weight. What can possibly be better than that? When you feel happy, you'll make better lifestyle choices. When you have energy, you'll move more - even exercise. When your appetite is slammed, you'll eat less and make better food choices. V3 is a win-win for you and everyone around you. "Eat Less...Move More" is finally possible with V3 as your secret weapon with weight loss and appetite control!

So, get out there and Sample - Sell - Sponsor - Support. (Or ask for a sample!) There is a place for everyone in this business - wholesale consumer, part-time business builder, and for the career-minded individuals who catch the vision of how huge this Voyager opportunity is with V3, you will roll up your sleeves and run fast and hard, and realize your financial dreams!

It's a simple business when you have V3. You sample, then sell a bottle, then sponsor everyone into the business. Then have them immediately plug right into - the team support site.  That's - Sample - Sell - Sponsor - Support! Note: At your new team members will find trainings, handouts, flyers, guidelines to help get their business rockin' - fast! So what's holding you back? As Nike's slogan says, "just do it!"

Chris Ball has lost 28 pounds and will never be without V3!
Don't keep V3 a secret. Don't be stingy with it - keeping it all to yourself. You have what everyone wants and needs. So give it to them! This little happy skinny pill is your golden ticket to the a lifestyle of financial and time freedom. Tell everyone about it. Hold home parties, backyard barbecues, block parties, yard sales where you simply - Sample - Sell - Sponsor and Support with V3 leading the way.

Simply say..."You've got to take a look at an amazing project I'm working on. I've discovered an amazing little all-natural diet pill that brightens your mood, boosts your energy and completely slams your appetite! Everyone loves this, are losing weight, having fun and making money. You need to do this with me. Let's buddy-up and rock 'n roll!"

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