Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tell Your Story

"Not only is your story worth telling, but it can be told in words so painstakingly eloquent that it becomes a song."  - Gloria Naylor

Our newest #16 grandbaby (my "why")
Beckham Christopher Burgess 8/28/11
What a great way to describe telling your story, comparing it to a song is music to the ears (and heart strings). And we all have a unique story to tell about our experience with V3 and the Voyager business, locked in with our personal "why" we do this. So it's important to know how to tell your story to effectively build your Voyager business. Your passion for the product and business must be transferred through you to the person you are sharing Voyager with. That's where great story telling comes in. They must feel as you feel. They must relate to you, trust you, and know that Voyager is something that they want and can do. Your story starts them believing.

Before and after pictures always tell a great story. What's that saying? A picture's worth a thousand words? And showing your before and after pictures is what you should be doing during your presentations. In fact, make sure they are in the front of your Biz Binder in clear plastic pages, along with other stories you have collected. But before showing the pictures, nail down your story. First, write down "why" you are doing this business. Now jot down how you felt before taking V3. Take into account the three major formula factors - mood, energy and appetite. Jot down things that you have noticed, like focus, cravings, bad snacking habits, movement, inch loss, weight loss, blood pressure, blood sugar, headaches, etc. These are common things that are effected in a very positive way with V3. Pin point what stands out for you. Jot them down and start writing your story. Start with being skeptical. 

"My name is Sandi, and I live in Southern California. I'm a mother of five and grandmother of sixteen, an operatically trained singer and music teacher, and I love Network Marketing. I've always worked from home because my priority is family. This business has given me the freedom to do all of the things I love doing - raising children, being involved with music, community and church. And after my sixth baby was born I became a type 2 diabetic and have struggled (actually yo-yo'd) with dieting. Before V3 I felt out of control with my portion sizes and late night snacking, was tired and grumpy most of the time, and just couldn't get a handle on my weight. I even considered surgical alternatives to control my appetite. V3 came to me at the perfect time. We were looking for another Networking business, and I, personally, was looking for this little magic pill. I felt V3's magic work within 30 minutes. I was finally happy, motivated, focused, energized, and my blood sugar normalized. I couldn't believe this one little pill could do everything it did for me. The biggest shock was how it totally slammed my appetite. My cravings were totally gone and my late night snacking was no longer a challenge. I lost 12 pounds within 2 weeks, went down a size, and I immediately started calling everyone I knew about V3 and Voyager. I knew V3 and Voyager was the golden ticket we had been praying to find, and sharing it with my Networking friends has been the easiest thing I've ever done, and I'm having fun! After only a few months with Voyager, we are making more money than we did after a few years in our biggest Networking company. It's been amazing, and everyone we share it with immediately loves the V3, has results and wants to share it with people they know. We are excited!

Your story is your special gift to share with others. Your name, occupation, how you felt before V3, what you were looking for, how V3 and Voyager has changed your life and lifestyle. Share from your heart. Share your "why". When sharing your story on a conference call or in front of the room at a meeting, keep it to 30-45 seconds. Don't wander, or brag. No one cares that you received your masters in psychology from U of "who cares". They want to know 1) what's in this for me, and 2) can I do this? You answer those questions in the way you tell your story and present the opportunity. If you would like help telling your story, just write it down and email me. I will tweak it for you and together, we will nail it down!

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