Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Take Advantage of Fall!

Zoey & Kelli Jo Burgess
I love all of the latest social media and internet tools (and gadgets) available to us to keep in touch with our loved ones and friends. With my five children and sixteen grandchildren now living everywhere but California, :-( Facebook, Skype, family blog sites, mobile phone uploads, etc. help to keep us in the loop and in touch. Although it's not the same as my planned "Burgess Boulevard" where all of my five children, four spouses, sixteen grandchildren live on the same block, a weekly Skype call to catch up at least brings a smile to grandma Burgess' face. OK ... enough said.
Brookly & Madison Villa (grandkids)

I saw this photo of son, Chris' oldest girls all decked out with backpacks ready for a month of school before heading to meet their dad in Poland (where Chris is playing pro basketball this year.) This made me think about how quickly the summer months have passed and if you, we have been buried with family events. First, with finally having all of the children together in one location in Utah at the family cabin, and second, at the Burgess family reunion. It was a fun, family-filled summer where cousins met cousins for the first time, memories were made, and tons of pictures were taken. Loved it! Now it's time to buckle down and get serious about building our Voyager businesses. I mean ... serious as in $$$.

Take time today to re-write your goals. But this time simply chunk it down into a three-step plan of action for yourself. Step One is to write down three things that you want to buy or do in the next three months ... September, October, November. These could include hiring a housekeeper, repairing your home (we are redecorating), buying a second car, whatever. These three goals must get you excited and pumped about building your business. You must be able to achieve these goals in three months. Think big - splurge! Step Two is to determine your immediate plan of action. What will you do daily to begin to move forward with these goals? Step Three is to let this all happen for yourself. Don't doubt that you can achieve. (If you believe, you will achieve). Let it happen! If you are doing Steps One and Two, you will achieve the three goals you write down. Take action immediately. Get fully engaged with building your empire with Voyager. Don't hesitate. You have a simple little all-natural diet pill with V3 that can make a huge difference nation-wide. Know it - share it.
Our Family all together in Utah, July 2011
Let fall be your time to shine with Voyager Health Technologies. Sample more people. Follow up with passion. Meet consistently face-to-face with people. Hold in-home meetings. Team-up and blitz the area. Find a buddy to create momentum. With our new C.E.O and president, David Cohen, this opportunity is going to be huge, and you need to be at the top of the heap as a key Voyager leader - making things happen. Take advantage of the fall, make a difference and make money...NOW!

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