Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pig, Chicken - Eagle!

Executive, Eddie Metcalf reminded me of the fable that I heard from a stage 20 years ago about the Chicken and the Pig. The chicken suggests that the two involve themselves in a scheme involving a breakfast of bacon and eggs. In reply, the Pig notes that, for the Chicken, only a contribution is required (eggs), while for the Pig a "total commitment" (sacrifice) is needed for this breakfast to happen.
Of course we relate this fable to our involvement with Network Marketing. Are you a chicken or a pig? Are you fully engaged,  totally committed to growing your Voyager business, or just occasionally contributing a few eggs? Success with Network Marketing takes 3-5 years of total commitment to see your financial dreams come true, and the lifestyle you want to live become a reality. What are you willing to give up to grow your business? How many people a day are you sampling with V3? Are you on every Tuesday night Biz Briefing call, and Saturday Success Strategies call? Have you put your Biz Binder together with 1-31 tickler? Are you working the 4-step system? Are you doing 3-way calls with your upline and team? Are you holding weekly in-home meetings? Are you constantly collecting business cards and adding them to your Prospect 100 list? If yes, then you are totally committed and are a business builder.
There are lots of phrases describing commitment with growing your business. One that I like is, "if you work this business casually, you'll become a casualty." Oh so true. No one starts this business, purchases the 900 Pro Pak with the intention of failing. However, unless you put in the time, you will not see the success you wanted. Simply make the commitment, write your goals, write your Prospect 100 list (chunk it down to ten at a time), and become "bullet proof." Being bullet proof is knowing that no matter how in love you are with the product and opportunity, there are going to be family members who give you grief. That's a given. "How can you soar with the eagles if you are working with the turkeys!" Just seek out the eagles to work with and develop, and ignore the turkeys. They will try to have you doubt what you are involved with. Don't let them. Surround yourself with positive like-minded people. Build a team of winners - not whiners. The ole' "some will, some won't, so what, NEXT!" has to be part of your internal focus and commitment. "Next!" is the most important word for you. Just add (after recruiting a new person), "the next one's even better!" and you'll have it made. To stay positive and pumped (letter P here) ... you HAVE TO stay PLUGGED IN - PARTICIPATING - PROMOTING. Get fully engaged (last post), make the commitment and then take massive action. Step-up and be a leader with Voyager. We need you. You need us. Together, as EAGLES, we can take this opportunity to the moon! (oink)

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