Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fully Engage!

"Begin with the end in mind," as Stephen Covey says in his book, "7 Habits of Highly Effective People." With sampling our home-run all-natural diet pill, V3, the end is to sponsor and grow your business. The end isn't to just sell a bottle of product. That will automatically happen because what's not to love about a simple $2 a day little pill that makes you happy, energized and in control of cravings, bad late night snacking and portion control? We need V3 like yesterday! The sample - the 90-second commercial - the new toll-free recorded Hotline (877) 859-2292 - the testimonials at our team support site - our weekly Tuesday night 6pm pacific live Biz Briefing calls (213) 289-0500 code 303063# - all scream SUCCESS!!! Just add your personal passion and story, follow-up saying, "touching base to see how much you loved that V3 sample I gave you," and you are good to go. Just don't leave home without at least 5 V3 sample packets in your pocket book or pocket. Be ready to share. But share with the intent of building a business.

I said to Ken this morning after the Success Strategies training call on Sampling with special guest, Nancy Feinberg ... people love this product. In 35+ years of major Network Marketing success with checks at 6 figures a month with more than one company, we've honestly never had such an instant love affair with any product. People feel it and can't be without it. Talk about a win-win here! So, get on board...get fully engaged. That means to plug in with every call and event, participate with sharing your success stories on the calls, promote everything with your team, and double your sampling efforts, sell more product, sponsor more people. Use the tools we have spent hours developing for you. Use your sponsor to help you sponsor new people. Team-up in your areas and build local momentum. Create a frenzy. It's time to get on board and FULLY ENGAGE!!!

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