Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Weekly Schedule

Ken and Sandi Burgess with their 5 children & 15 grandchildren - July 2011 (missing #16 born 2 weeks later)
Years ago when I was involved with the Cambridge Diet, I had a large organization mostly made up of beautiful women who were all busy homemakers out of Utah, Idaho, California and Washington state, doing the business part -time. They were all balancing family life, church work, community involvements and their Cambridge business. And once their businesses started to grow, they often felt overwhelmed and frustrated. They did not want to neglect their families, but did want to grow their businesses to help pay bills and get ahead. I totally understood where they were coming from because I too was doing the same juggling act with four small children at the time. So I developed a weekly schedule to help them handle "life." The Weekly Schedule gives a little structure to business building. You can modify it to fit your team, but the core of the schedule covers all the bases and creates consistent productivity. 

Monday is CALL DAY. The day starts with our morning Executive Leadership call to update the team on current happenings at the company and with our support materials. We encourage our leaders to have a team call on Monday night to follow ours, letting their team know what we shared with them in the morning. Call day should be a day to book the weeks activities with appointments, invites to meetings, calls and webinars, touch-base with their team members, and follow-up with customers. 

Tuesday is PBR night. A PBR is a Private Business Reception - or in-home meeting. Tuesday has always shown to be the best night to hold meetings. We have scheduled our BIZ BRIEFING call to speakerphone right into your meeting to hear the testimonials shared. Consistently holding a weekly meeting at your home, office, or at a team members home (or team-up) begins the momentum an area needs to grow.

Wednesday is WALK ABOUT where you get out there and meet new people, and gather business cards. This is also a great day to do "drop by's" where you drop by to share a sample on the spot to those on your Prospect 100 list.

Thursday is a great day to book face-to-face appointments. Book yourself from dawn to dusk. You are sharing the dream and building the team on Thursday. Use your local hotel lobby, coffee shop, Panera Bread Store to meet one person after another. Sponsoring on the spot - using the 4-step system and growing your business. Field training (2-on-1) is done this day as well with your newly sponsored people.

Friday is the massive follow-up day. You follow-up (clean up) on everything you've done that week. Check on customers success with V3. Call your teams and get them on calls. Answer questions. Close sales. Close out the weeks activity with a bang!

Saturday is training day. It starts with the 7am pacific Success Strategies training call, then can either lead into a "sizzle session" with your team or if you are on the East Coast, you can do that prior to the call. 

Once I implemented this schedule back in the day, my homemakers felt less stressed, more productive and were more effective with business building. And they actually felt less guilty and frustrated. They simply got more done, achieved higher ranks and incomes with the company, and were happier. There again, my Weekly Schedule only a suggestion. Work it in a way that fits your life. the key is just work at a Weekly Schedule for consistent action and income generating activity.  Note: Ken and I don't work on Sunday. So if you attempt to contact us about it on schedule - Monday thru Saturday!

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