Saturday, September 10, 2011


Sandi Burgess and Shelley Ball
"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." 
John Quincy Adams 

I have been asked for over 35 years of Network Marketing success this question..."What is your secret?" My answer is simple. Consistently sponsor new people and then develop LEADERS who truly lead, and help them develop leaders. I call it "layers of leaders". The more leaders you have, the more money you will make. It's all about creating leaders.

Phil & Nancy Feinberg, Ken Burgess, Elaine & Scott Tomrell
I have seen distributors over the years sponsor 50-100 people but never work with those people, gather them together to train them, or do the four important Crazy "ate's"...


A leader communicates everything positive that is happening to their team. They promote events, calls, contests, new incentive programs, webinars, area meetings, national conventions - the works. Their team is always in the loop, on all of the calls, and sits together at events. There is a special team spirit that bonds them. Their communication is only positive - never negative. A leader is self-motivated and brings value to a company.

Carol & Herb Gilbert, Judy and Scott Roberts
A leader motivates their team. This is done with making sure they are doing 3-ways calls, welcome calls, weekly team calls, monthly area meetings, and is setting the example with always sponsoring new Associates. Their example is part of what motivates their team to action. They know that their team will do what they do - nothing more - nothing less.

A leader congratulates team members every step of the way. Recognition is 85% of why someone does this business. A leader knows this and congratulates for rank advancements, sponsoring efforts, meetings held, product sold. The baby steps lead to leadership steps. A leader empowers their team by congratulating them. The monthly meeting is a great place to recognize team achievements.
Gail and Al Cashman with CEO, David Cohen

A leader initiates activity in the area. To initiate is to discover what is happening in the area and capitalize exposure for Voyager by attending shows and expo's, holding team meetings and events, gathering together for training, and field training (2-on-1) the team. A leader doesn't hope something happens, or wait for something to happen. A leader makes things happen, is always positive and moving forward. 
Jeff Bourgeois, Eddie Metcalf, Billy Banks

Our secret to six-figure a month bonus checks? We look for leaders. We work with those that work. And we develop layers of leaders. (Leaders under leaders for depth.) People can either make excuses or they can make money with the fabulous new Voyager opportunity. It's that simple. The leaders that are working the business are doing meetings, doing 3-way calls, participating in the calls and training's, and are consistently sponsoring new people every month, make the money - and deserve to make it. And best of all --- they are developing leaders underneath them. They are duplicating themselves. Therein lies the true secret to huge success with Network Marketing. Develop LAYERS OF LEADERS.

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