Thursday, September 8, 2011

The "F" Word

Gail Cashman shakin' and sharing V3!
"We're having fun, losing weight, making money!" is definitely the key to success with building a great Voyager business with our rock 'n roll product, V3. It seems the more fun you have with your team, the more money you'll make. And keeping your business building Fun, Fresh and Fearless. will create an atmosphere that is magnetic to anyone you come in contact with. 
Sherry, Liz, Marty, & Butch 

You are extremely pumped and down right Fearless when you first enroll in the Voyager business. You are ready to talk to anyone. You love V3 and can't imagine anyone not loving it, right? What's not to love here?  Really... a "happy skinny" that people need and want...yesterday! Hot, hot, hot!!!

Billy Banks, Eddie Metcalf, Jeff Bourgeois, Butch Lafargue
Keep that Fearless attitude strong, and get out there, buddy-up, team-up and sponsor people just like you - even better - to build this business with. Meet often and sizzle (strategize), do meetings together, shows and expos together, and hold a monthly boiler-room party! This is where you gather in one location with your Prospect 100 lists and cell phones. then start "dialin' and smilin'" together - then pass the phones around to validate each other. Laugh, smile, sponsor and ring a bell when someone gets a new recruit! This Fun atmosphere is like a huge nation-wide magnet. In this day and age, people want to belong to something that is Fun and positive! They want to know what they are missing out on!
Who is this?

Buddy-Up - Tom & Annie Arnes
And once you've been involved a few months, your challenge is to keep your business building exciting - Fun and Fresh. How? There's only one way to keep it that way. Drum roll please... Sponsor new people every single solitary month! A new person is like a blood transfusion to you and your team. A new person has that Fearless aura and attitude that is contagious. Just being around a newly sponsored person makes you smile, and motivates you to take action. That's why you should never miss a Tuesday night call. Hearing those Fresh testimonials ignites your passion all over again!

Gail Cashman, David Cohen, CEO, Al Cashman
TEAM GIDEON - Karen, Anne, Elaine, Cindy, Elaine, Vicky!
Buddy Up! Sherry Holmen, Marty Weeks...
                                                                                   Stay Focused (another F word) and Fearless, just like you were the day you signed up in Voyager. Keep that excitement with you and continue having  Fun with your team, and by sponsoring new people consistently every month, you'll keep your business Fresh.  With the new Fast Start Paks - loaded with V3 samples, sponsoring just became easier! Fun, Fresh, Fearless...all key to the big money here. This all definitely gives the "F" word new meaning, right?

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