Monday, September 26, 2011

Develop Yourself

"Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not!"
George Bernard Shaw

I love reading motivating books, quotes and looking at posters that inspire me to action. I remember attending college recruiting trips with both of my sons, Chris and David, and meeting great basketball coaches that's main job was to motivate, inspire and lead their players (teams) to victory. These included at the time, Coach "K" (Duke), Rick Pitino (Kentucky), Roy Williams (Kansas), Coach Few (Gonzaga), to name just a few. On the recruiting trip to Kentucky with Chris, I entered the gym to observe practice. All around the gym, from ceiling to floor, were plastered posters with sayings and pictures that inspired greatness. Coach Pitino was a huge believer in visualization, self motivation and inspiration to be the best. His players were inspired from the minute they stepped onto that campus to play basketball. They were inspired to excel, to push themselves and not only win, but to be winners personally. 

You must do external things to motivate yourself internally. Let's say that again. You must do the external things to motivate the internal. How?

Read motivating books before going to bed. Write your goals and read them every morning as you awaken to a new day. Take a daily brisk walk while listening to positive thinking thoughts, books and music on your iPod. Post motivational sayings and thoughts on your refrigerator. Avoid negative people like the plague. Surround yourself with positive, ambitious people. Work on yourself daily. Reprogram your negative thinking into positive action. Congratulate yourself for the little successes along the way. Do jumping jacks every morning. Take V3. Develop yourself as a person of influence. Know that you are important, that you can make a difference. Don't get in the way of your own success. 

Be positive. Talk positive. I see it with the successful leaders who are making money with Voyager. The negative ones who complain that nothing is happening in their group, that no one is feeling the sample, aren't making money. The are in the way of their success. The successful teams have at the top with their leadership a positive, self-motivated person who talks only of success with their teams, has huge weight losses coming out of their groups, and can't keep product in. And they are all near qualified for the new Fast Start Bonus Pools.

Develop yourself every day to be an awesome person - a leader. That takes effort and consistent daily work. Develop yourself and want to be the best you can be. Begin by listening to Og Mandino's "Greatest Salesman in the World." Set the example for your team. Be self-motivated. Inspire others to achieve. Lead by first, developing yourself.

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