Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Your 30-$econd $tory

Share your life story with Lucy - not with a Prospect.
Besides your V3 sample, your personal story is your most valuable tool. Learn to tell your story face-to-face, in front of a group and on a conference call. The aspects of a good story is stating your name, your occupation, your success with V3 and the business. With all three venues where you share your story, stating up front that you were skeptical, but tried V3 because of the success others were having, or that as a favor to someone you decided to try it, gives comfort to your listening audience. 

You see, they too are skeptical when first hearing about this amazing little "happy skinny pill." They relate and trust you when you state your skepticism. Also stating that you had no time to do the business, but had such great success with V3 that you had to share it with everyone you knew, is also a place of comfort for the listener. You always want the Prospect - in the audience, listening to the call, or in front of you - to say to themselves, "me too," not "so what!" 

Here's an example of how to tell your story...

"My name is Sandi, from Southern California. I'm a music teacher and mother of five, grandmother of 16. I was introduced to V3 by a friend, and I was in a place in my life that I desperately needed something to help me make some lifestyle changes, get in control of my eating, and lose weight. I was told this little "magic" pill was exactly what I looking for, and to be quite honest, I was skeptical. I had tried every pill, potion and program out there to lose weight with no luck. But I tried it and within 20 minutes I felt it start to work. I felt happy, more energized and focused, and had no appetite, even at night (which is my most tempting time to eat and snack.) As I kept taking it I continued to feel happy, had energy to exercise everyday, felt finally in control, lost 12 pounds in the first two weeks, blood sugars normalized, and blood pressure came down. I had to get involved with the business. Everyone I've shared V3 with have had similar results. Our business has exploded, and this has been really fun for us - working from home with a product we love!"

In person with a face-to-face appointment you can elaborate your story a bit, sharing other's stories with your "show and tell" presentation pages of your Biz Binder. However, in a large meeting or on a national conference call, keep your story to 30 seconds stating your name, occupation, where you are from, your success with V3 and the business of Voyager. Be honest, excited, and magnetic. You want people to say, "I want to try it, " or "I can do this." Never wonder around the moon with your life story, give TMI (too much information), start training people, or brag about your credentials. You want people to relate to what you are saying and want to be a part of your team. If you see them nodding off or hear snoring on the other end of the listening telephone line (or in the audience), you need to revamp your story. In fact, write it down - right now, email it to your sponsor (or us), and we'll help you tweak your story so that it works and gives you the most "bang for the buck", as they say. Remember - saying less to more people is key...starting with your story!

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