Saturday, September 17, 2011


Laura Solomon down 41 pounds!
Everyday I receive stories of product success, before and after photo's, health challenge miracles, and I can not believe that at age 60, having been involved with Network Marketing full-time for near 40 years, that we have a product that is so simple, life-changing, and works so effectively on everyone. A product that puts us all in total control so that we can make those important lifestyle changes and look and feel great from morning until night! Ken and I feel so blessed to have had this product literally drop into our laps (from heaven), and so should you. We really have something here that all Network Marketing companies would give their right arm for. And it's all ours here with Voyager Health Technologies. America's secret weapon.
Raymond Rudd down 40 pounds!

Yesterday Ken went to our masseuse here in our area, whom I'd sponsored when we opened our doors January 28, and she was so excited about her 27 pound weight loss and was sharing clients weight loss stories with him of 20 - 30 and more weight losses - that we knew nothing about because she hasn't been aggressively building the business, just sharing with clients in her practice. She was telling Ken that everyone loses on V3. Some lose quickly, some slower due to how the individual bodies adjust to the product. She said, "people need to give it time to work and repair the damage done over the years." I thought that was good advice.
Vickie Haynie down 25 pounds!

In this world where everyone wants instant everything, from instant coffee, instant rice, fast cars, instant internet access ... we have to give things time to grow, develop and work. If we are consistently sponsoring three individuals with Fast Start Paks in the business every month, not only do we get to share in the new bonus pools, but our chance of seeing our financial dreams come true will be realized. That's why the bonus pools were put into place, for consistency with sponsoring. Network Marketing businesses don't explode over night, but they will grow if we are consistently sponsoring new and sharing this remarkable V3 product. The same is true with the product. Give it time to work its magic. Read the stories at Listen to the testimonials there. Listen to the new stories featured live every Tuesday night. (Don't miss the calls!) Let this all inspire you to know what you've got, motivate you to action - then get out there and share it!
Carlos Lantigua down 41 pounds!

With everyone of the stories coming in, it's not just about weight loss. These stories share major health challenges being solved to include, blood pressure, blood sugar, chronic bronchitis, pain, and the list goes on and on. How can you put a price on feeling awesome? How can you not share this with everyone you know? This is "magic" guys. So many people coming off of handfuls of drugs (that all have side effects), feeling more focused, being more effective and productive, living life to the fullest! That's honestly why I wake up at dawn and immediately start working the business. This is fun, but it's more than that. It's about MAKING A MAJOR DIFFERENCE. 
Eddie Metcalf down 46 pounds!

Let's be honest here. We are a fat, depressed, fatigued, broke nation. We don't need another jungle juice. We don't need another exercise program. We don't need another book written describing new tricky eating programs. We, as a nation, need V3 to assist us with lifestyle changes. A simple all-natural pill, that took over 7 years to develop, that addresses those three factors that sabotage every good intention to lose weight - your mood, your energy level, and your appetite. It's time to take this amazing product to the masses. It's time to get bold, find a business buddy, team-up, shape-up, man-up, woman-up...whatever "up" you need to take that builds your confidence ... motivate ourselves, stay plugged-in and build an empire-sized business with Voyager. Our time has come. Roll with the changes (enhancements) and take advantage of every tool to help you deliver your message. "Having fun, losing weight and making money" now needs to take center-stage in this nation! Go for it!!!
Billy Banks down 40 pounds!

Ryan O'Neill, RN

Brandi Parker down 70 pounds!

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