Tuesday, September 6, 2011


In traditional business where there is a sales team involved, sales reps are taught Time Management, and the mandatory attendance with attending a Monday morning sales meeting to fire them up for the week.  "Wind 'em up and watch 'em work!" is the mantra of every sales manager.

I used to work, before I was married 37 years ago, for the offices of Sales Training, Inc.  I proofed the sales training manuals, kept track of the sales teams, attended all trainings, and saw first-hand how important these weekly meetings and trainings were to the sales team. I also carefully observed the work habits of the successful sales reps vs the unsuccessful reps. Their success or failure fell into two areas - TIME MANAGEMENT and INCOME GENERATING ACTIVITY. 

Every sales rep was given the same amount of time to succeed. How they managed their time reflected in their income.

In our Voyager Independent business building, we must first, take our business building seriously. We must know that we have the opportunity of a lifetime here. History has shown that Network Marketing has produced more millionaires than any other industry the past 80+ years. The "rags to riches" stories abound with MLM. The industry works, but are you? 
With Voyager you are able to start a profitable business with a very small investment, follow a proven 4-step system already in place with a support team site, recorded toll-free hotlines, weekly calls and trainings, and an off-the-charts V3 diet pill, wow!  And to be able to do this anytime, anywhere, working from home, is beyond powerful. But you must "work at business building." Whether full-time as a career move, or in the nooks and crannies as a part-timer, you must take advantage of your time, make every hour count, and truly build your business. You must determine what you are going to give up to build it.

Building means sampling, making phone calls, following-up with customers, meeting face-to-face with Prospects on scheduled appointments, holding in-home meetings, getting in front of people personally, building relationships, and presenting the business with the power point. Too many distributors think that sitting behind their computers posting on Facebook, emailing to the same people over and over again, making file folders, organizing their desk is business building. Nope...it's not. That's "busy work" not income generating activity. Knowing the difference will turn your business building profitable!

You've got to get our there, meet new people, join Networking groups, make more calls, invite people to listen to the calls, then with the help of your sponsor ... enroll them into the business, meeting with them with the 48-hour checklist, and assist them with building their teams, moving product, and making money. It takes work, but with Network Marketing the ole' "if you build it they will come" holds true. Just build it. Don't waste time. Keep track of what you do daily. Write it down - kind of like a food log that doctors have you keep. But now it's a productive income generating log.

QUESTION ... How effectively did you use your time today? How many calls did you make today? How many samples did you give out? How many new Associates did you sponsor this week? How many Directors did you help promote? How many Executives to you assist with creating, doing the 3-way calls? How many welcome calls did you do with new team members? Income generating activity is the name of the game. Take full advantage of every waking minute. Build strong. Build fast. Have fun. Make money!

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