Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Meeting face-to-face, where your Prospect can look you square in the eyes, feel the passion you have for the product and opportunity, and be presented with the complete plan of Voyager Health Technologies - a true opportunity of a lifetime - is the very best way to sponsor someone into your business. Trying to share that same in-person passion is impossible over the telephone. So, book yourself from dawn until dusk on Monday (Call Day),for your Thursday appointments. Fill up your calendar. In fact, overbook yourself. Double bookings are no problem because there are always last minute cancellations. And if two appointments show up at the same time - great. Give them both your presentation together. The synergy is great for excitement. Stay booked. Once you start talking about Voyager Health Technologies and the fabulous V3 product, the easier it will become. You will find yourself in the V3 zone!

Pick a comfortable location to meet with your Prospects, and book one appointment after another. Make sure to take along your Biz Binder with the presentation pages in the front, your laptop computer, your iPad, iPhone, Droid, or whatever you have that you can show your 90-second commercial with. Also, run copies of the 48-Hour worksheets to train your new Associates. This can be done right after your presentation once they are enrolled. If you are booked solid with appointments, you can always hold the 48-Hour appointment with all of your new Associates Saturday morning.

Comfortable locations include, but are not limited to, hotel lobby's, Panera Bread Stores, or nice coffee shops with private booths. Your location should be "common ground" for both you and your Associate, be well lit, easy to locate, and have internet access for your laptop enrollment activities.

The format for face-to-face appointments is very simple, and follows first, thanking them for taking time to meet, second, sharing your story, telling them why Voyager is the biggest opportunity you have ever seen, and that timing couldn't be better. Then thirdly, show the 90-second commercial, then take through your "show and tell" flip-chart in your Biz Binder. The flip-chart can be copied from the simple power point presentation at Stick with the scripting written for the power point presentation as much as possible for duplication, adding your own flair. The scripting has a great flow, and will take your Prospect from point A to point B.

Know this: your passion, enthusiasm and story are the most important part of your presentation, whether one-on-one or two-on-one. Your job is to transfer your passion to them by the end of your presentation. They need to have answered two questions - "what's in this for me," and "can I really do this?" Share your story, the 90-second commercial, your power point presentation and the 4-step system. Demonstrate the "hotlines," website, and 3-way call. As you present the plan, you are also training on duplication.

Have fun. Share from your heart. Ask questions so that you know how best to present the opportunity and cater to the needs of your Prospect. Get them immediately  involved by saying, "how do you see yourself starting with Voyager? I recommend that you invest in the Pro Pak. It's the most product for the money, with tons of FREE product, and this awesome bag!" (show bag.) If they hesitate ask them, "what's it going to take to get you involved?"

Use the ole' F-O-R-M ... family, occupation, recreation, message when presenting the opportunity, and when asking questions. Find out what makes your Prospect tick. Where is there a need, a pain or concern in their live? Ask questions, listen, then ask more questions. Get to know how to deliver the message and how to motivate them to take immediate action with you.

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