Monday, September 19, 2011

Tuesday Night Meetings!

Women's Expo, Salt Lake City, Utah
Call it a PBR (private business reception), in-home meeting, Biz Briefing, event, gathering, show, or expo. Anytime you can gather people around to hear about Voyager and the fabulous V3 product, the better. Keep it fast-paced, fun and consistent. I like Tuesday nights for meetings. How about you? Statistically, Tuesdays are shown to be the best nights for meetings. When I say "consistent" I mean, make it "the" event your growing area can count on - that your team can count on. Yes, it will start slow with very few showing up. And that's OK and very normal. Just invite double the people you want to attend. You have to build up to a full house and area momentum. But when you are consistent with gathering together on Tuesday nights, you will eventually explode your area. That's why teaming up is very important in the beginning.  With each person (say there are three of you) bringing a guest, that makes six! Then each of the six the following week bring a guest, that's twelve...and so on. These home meetings take on a life of their own if you consistently hold the Tuesday night event, bring guests, work the schedule and the system. Home's are "snuggly" and warm. Home parties have always dominated the Network Marketing scene. The atmosphere is inviting. People feel comfortable dropping over for that one hour you share the Voyager opportunity. They love mingling with new friends, munching on chocolate chip cookies, potato chips and bottled water. (That's the recipe for success with refreshments.) Just make sure to have everyone you invite bring something, i.e. chairs, bottled water, cookies, chips, and of course...a guest. Use your power point presentation as a flipchart or slides, follow the script, share lots of testimonials, and sponsor everyone that comes! Just have fun. Note: I have built empire-sized Network Marketing companies (six figures a month!) from the in-home meetings. It's where it happens, folks. Then once an area grows and warrants it - hold a monthly hotel-type meeting to validate, congratulate and motivate the team. It's all in consistency. Just keep your eye on your financial goals and keep holding those meetings --- every Tuesday night!

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