Sunday, September 11, 2011


Shelley Ball and Vicki Haynie

The first thing I tell a brand new, excited distributor in Network Marketing is to quickly team-up and find a buddy to run with. It's so much easier to build a business when starting in your backyard, to find someone locally that shares your excitement and passion for the business, and work together. Once you do find that special buddy, talk every day, meet once a week to strategize together, hold in-home meetings together, cold call together, and keep each other pumped and on track with business building and income generating activity. Hold each other accountable by sharing with each other how many people you sampled that day, how many 30-day bottles or boxes of product you sold, how many face-to-face presentations you did that week, and how many appointments you have booked. Take a moment to share your goals with each other, and your "why" you are doing the business. Knowing what motivates each other can also be a support factor for achieving those goals.

Once you've got your business buddy and you are teaming up, as you sponsor make sure to teach those you sponsor to duplicate what you are doing, and team-up with someone as well. Take it a step further and compete with each other. Challenge each other. See who can sample the most people in a given day, sell the most product, and sponsor the most people into the business that week and month. Challenge each other with rank advancing in the business. When helping and supporting each other, the competition keeps it fun and can give your business building the push it needs to goal achievement.

On a personal note, I have loved teaming up when I'm with my distributors in their areas. One such key leader is Shelley Ball of West Virginia, pictured with her "buddy" Vicki Haynie. When either Ken or I have gone there to do meetings, Shelley teams-up with us and has us meet face-to-face with a new person every hour. It is non-stop action and income generating activity with Shelley. And we love it! We have sponsored people on the spot with her on these visits, motivated others to fully engage and start building the business, and the productivity meter that surrounds Shelley and her team soars off the charts! Shelley knows the value of teaming-up in person, on 3-way calls, and maximizes our visit. It's awesome. So - your assignment (if you are serious about building your business) is to find a buddy better than you, then immediately team-up and start shaking the bushes and sponsor an entirely new team of people! Duplicate this action with every person you sponsor by helping them to immediately team-up and your group will explode twice as fast!

PS - Love Shelley and Vicki's "bling" V3 tshirts!

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