Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monday - Call Day!

It's Monday. In my book that means it's CALL DAY! I like structure. Structure and scheduling keeps me on track with income generating activity with building the business. It always has. Random business building often falls into the same category as the phrase, "if you build Network Marketing casually, you'll become a casualty." So, let's all make Monday our CALL DAY. 

Who do you call? Let's chunk that down too. First, call your sponsor to catch up on all of the happenings in your area for the week. Update your sponsor on your success, do welcome 3-way calls for new team members to introduce them to your sponsor, then do 3-way calls with your sponsor with new Prospects. Now call your downline team to update them on what is happening for the week and pass along any exciting, motivating happenings you've been apprised of by your sponsor. 3-way call their new people by doing "welcome" calls, congratulations calls to their team members, then see who they have for you to 3-way with. That takes care of upline and downline calls.

Now it's time to do your invite calls. If you are following the weekly schedule you will be hosting, or teaming-up to do your Tuesday night in-home meeting. Invite double the amount of people you want to attend. Assist your team members with inviting. Now call your customers to see how much they love V3 and see about booking appointments with them to meet face-to-face on Thursday. Book yourself solid with appointments because some appointments may fall through. In fact overbook yourself. The busier your calendar, the more money you will make. Now it's time to prospect. Go through your Prospect 100 list and start calling new people to start the process with. 

I've described a great Monday CALL DAY where income generating activity takes place all day long that sets up your week for ultimate success. To recap: call your sponsor, your downline, your customers, and your prospects. Keep track by writing everything down on a steno pad. At the end of the day it's like a score sheet. You'll be very proud of what you've accomplished and set up for the week to accomplish, moving you closer to your ultimate goal of financial freedom.  Remember...Monday is CALL DAY!

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