Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Shelley Ball on Walk-about in Texas
Finding new people to share your Voyager opportunity with is the secret to developing and growing a thriving business for yourself. If you are working the weekly schedule with Monday being your Call Day, followed by Tuesday with holding your weekly event, i.e. in-home meeting, Happy Skinny Pill Party, area gathering, etc. it's now Wednesday, and it's time to get off of your office chair, out from behind that computer and get dressed up (V3 t-shirt) and out the front door, "armed and dangerous" with your Biz Binder, boxes of product packets, business cards, V3 Sell Sheets and a burning passion for your business opportunity. You must get out there either alone or with a business buddy, (team member) meeting new people, asking for business cards, dropping hints about your business, booking appointments, and sampling people to start the Prospecting process.

Teaming Up!
First, set a goal of how many samples you are going to hand out that day, how many business cards you are going to collect, and how many people you are going to talk to. Teaming-up makes the Wednesday Walk-about even more fun. Wednesday is also a great day to do the casual "drop by." Just look at your Prospect 100 list while out and about, and make a couple of calls from your cell phone saying, "Jane, I'm in your area and want to drop something by. I've got a new project..." Then deliver your One Minute Message and drop by to share the biz and a sample. (2-on-1 drop-by's are very effective. The two of you together create more energy and excitement for what you have to offer.)

Another fun thing to do on Wednesday Walk-about is to scout out a few community bulletin boards and do a little Plaster Plan action. If you add this to your Wednesday activities, you'll need to throw into your new Voyager bag (so cool) a bunch of plaster plan fliers, tape and stick pins. Make sure to chunk out and schedule your day with an hour for cold calling in the mall, gathering business cards from the sales people who are already outgoing self-motivated people, an hour plastering bulletin boards with flyers, an hour to drop-by, etc. If you are teaming-up, do a little strategizing prior to heading out the door, making over a quick breakfast. If you have matching V3 shirts - awesome.

Personal Note: I moved from Utah to California 30 years ago. I loved the weather, but knew only one person - my uncle, a Shaklee distributor. After sponsoring him (yes, I did) I literally built a mammoth six-figure a month Cambridge business by doing these daily walk-abouts with the activities described for Wednesday Walk-about (above). It works guys. Been there. Done that - big time. Get out there. Find people. Shake the bushes. Share from your heart. Be passionate, fun and spread the word about V3 - the Happy Skinny Pill!

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